After Saudi king letter EU states move to block dirty-money list
28 Feb 2019

The adoption of a European Union money-laundering blacklist, which includes Saudi Arabia as well as Puerto Rico and three other U.S. territories, could be blocked by EU governments under a procedure launched on Thursday, two EU diplomats told Reuters.

Some governments opposed adopting the provisional list on Thursday, triggering a process that could lead to it being delayed or withdrawn, the diplomats said.

For the list to be blocked, a majority of 21 states is estimated to be necessary. EU officials said that around 15 countries, including Britain, France and all the big ones, have already declared their opposition to the listing.

By Francesco Guarascio, Reuters, 28 February 2019

Link to Reuters

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One Response to “After Saudi king letter EU states move to block dirty-money list”
Edison Li

Edison Li March 4, 2019

Other than OFAC blocklist, EU blacklist also important and all AML / Compliance need to check carefully.

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