Bank of Uganda unfreezes ActionAid accounts
26 Dec 2017

Bank of Uganda (BOU) has finally unfrozen bank accounts of ActionAid Uganda after nearly three months of closure.

“The leadership of ActionAid Uganda is pleased to inform its partners, supporters, and staff that our quest to have our bank accounts unfrozen has been achieved following constructive discussions with some agencies of government,” reads a statement from ActionAid Uganda issued on Saturday.

“We will however continue to seek restitution within the law, as we are entitled, in order to meet our own obligations to members, donors, and communities we serve.

“As we have stated before, there was no justifiable basis for the action taken against ActionAid when the police raided our office and confiscated property on 20th September 2017 and the subsequent order to freeze our bank accounts on 6th of October 2017,” reads the statement in part.

Adding; “We welcome the decision to restore activity on these accounts”

By URN/Observer

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