Banking and compliance: How I scooped an award for my work
17 Jan 2019

Someone asked me how I won an internal award or recognition for my compliance work at the bank where I worked, and I am pleased to share my little adventure.

My story goes back to when I arrived at the glossy reception area of a smart block of offices.

It was the first day of my corporate life, joining the Bangalore office of a German investment bank headquartered in Frankfurt and I was going through a mix of emotions — nervousness, excitement, and maybe apprehension too.

I was joining the global markets team as a KYC analyst. For the interview I had prepared myself by referring to various materials online, however, I wasn’t quite sure of what KYC was in detail and how it is performed in such a big organisation or what was expected out of me as a KYC analyst.

After a short while, the HR person came down to meet me and introduced me to my manager, who was happy to welcome me to his team.

He made sure that I felt comfortable on my first day and introduced me to the rest of the team.

Later that day, I had a discussion with him and asked him what was my role as a KYC analyst, with a heavy voice he replied that it was to primarily review documentation for new and existing customer accounts, evaluates high-risk accounts and escalate any deviances to compliance as and when necessary.

I was honest and explained to him that I didn’t know much about KYC and AML, however, I was very keen to learn.

I assured him that he would see measurable results in a short span of time and I would prove to him that I had the capabilities to effectively contribute to the organisation.

New kid on the block

My manager believed in training on the job rather than classroom sessions, which was exactly what I was looking for.

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