Brazil anti-graft minister loses financial oversight powers
30 May 2019

AP — Brazil’s Congress has voted to trim the powers of the country’s most famous anti-corruption crusader, removing Justice Minister Sergio Moro’s financial oversight authority.

The decision late Tuesday was the latest to erode the authority of the man who spearheaded a sweeping corruption probe that has brought down dozens of politicians and business executives in recent years.

The Senate approved a measure that reversed President Jair Bolsonaro’s recent effort to move a key financial watchdog agency from the Economy Ministry to Moro’s department as part of an anti-graft drive.

The far-right president has veto power over Congress’ action, but he has already said he will not use it to shift the powers to his most recognizable Cabinet minister.

Moro led the “Car Wash” corruption probe from 2014 to the end of last year, when he accepted the justice post after Bolsonaro’s electoral victory. Financial misdeeds have been key elements in that investigation.

By Peter Prengaman and Mauricio Savarese, AP, 29 May 2019

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Photo: Senado Federal [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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