Brazil president-elect’s son snared in growing payments probe
24 Dec 2018

Brazilian state prosecutors on Friday ordered the son of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro to explain suspicious funds in the bank account of his former driver, widening their probe after the ex-staff member failed to show up to answer queries.

Questions over the origin of the funds in the bank account of Fabricio Queiroz, who for years was on Senator-elect Flavio Bolsonaro’s payroll, have threatened to tarnish the reputation of the Bolsonaro family, whose members surged to power on a promise to end years of political corruption.

Rio de Janeiro state prosecutors want Flavio Bolsonaro to explain why his former driver had 1.2 million reais ($310,575) flow through his bank account between 2016-2017, including payments to the president-elect’s wife, Michelle Bolsonaro.

– By Rodrigo Viga, Reuters, 24 December 2018.

– Link to Reuters.

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