‘Cheriegate’ conman Peter Foster held over betting scam claims
21 Aug 2020

A convicted conman who became notorious for his involvement in a property deal with Cherie Blair was arrested in Australia yesterday over an alleged sports betting scam.

Peter Foster, 57, is accused of defrauding a gambler while running a sports trading company under a false name.

He was detained on a beach in Port Douglas, Queensland, after an investigation by cybercrime specialists. He faces extradition to New South Wales, where he is expected to be charged with fraud-related offences.

Foster has served time in Britain, Australia, the United States and Vanuatu for offences including fraud, money laundering and contempt of court.

In 2002 it emerged that Mrs Blair had asked him to negotiate the purchase of luxury flats in Bristol, a scandal that became known as “Cheriegate”.

Foster, who was in a relationship with Mrs Blair’s friend Carole Caplin, claimed that he had used the Blair name to secure a discount on each flat. Although the deal was legal, Mrs Blair made a tearful public apology for the embarrassment it had caused her husband, Tony, and his government.

Foster discussed the episode this year when he told the Daily Mail he was writing his memoirs. He said: “I wasn’t the one who did anything wrong. I simply helped negotiate a property transaction and when it all blew up in their faces, the Blairs cut me adrift. I know it sounds rich coming from me, but I feel I was conned.”

By Greg Wilford, The Times, 21 August 2020

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