COMMENTARY: Canada’s creep up corruption list a cause for concern for regulators, business
06 Jun 2019

By Helen Chan, Reuters

Graft scandals, and the political, economic and legal fallout associated with them, have become public enemy number one. Efforts to fight corruption and punish corrupt individuals and businesses are at the top of the agenda for many regulators and government around the world.

Mere association with organizations or geographical locations considered to present a high risk of corruption is sufficient to attract regulatory scrutiny. As a result of these developments, companies are becoming more cautious of their business ties.

The highly publicized misconduct of two large Canadian corporations is shining an uncomfortable spotlight on the Canadian business community. Allegations of corruption and bribery plaguing SNC-Lavalin and Bombardier Inc., two leading conglomerates, are making headlines in a very sensitive global climate that is increasingly intolerant of corruption.

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