Compliance officers wary of switch to ‘Wild West’ crypto sector
01 Apr 2019

After almost three decades in senior compliance roles at large financial firms including Bank of New York Mellon’s Pershing and Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Jeff Horowitz made an unconventional career move.

In July he became chief compliance officer at cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, taking a leap into the more lightly regulated world of digital assets.

“It’s not for the faint of heart,” Horowitz said of the move from compliance on Wall Street to a cryptocurrency startup. “You need to have a flexible risk needle. The old school attitude of compliance being Doctor No really doesn’t translate well to this industry.”

Horowitz is one of several senior compliance officers hired by cryptocurrency firms over the past year in a recruitment spree aimed at helping them cope with increased regulatory scrutiny and becoming more palatable to mainstream investors.

By Anna Irrera and Tom Wilson, Reuters, 28 March 2019

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