Danish gambling regulator warns Winteq over AML failings
13 May 2020

The Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden) has ordered Bingo.dk operator Winteq to conduct a risk assessment for money laundering and terrorism financing after discovering its current processes had not been updated.

Spillemyndigheden said Winteq should conduct a new assessment, focusing on its procedures related to the identification, evaluation and analysis of money laundering and terrorist financing risk factors.

The regulator said Winteq must then adjust its procedures to reflect any major findings in the assessment, so that it can effectively deal with potential risks.

The order to complete the new risk assessment is in line with sections 7(1) and 8 (1) of the Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act.

“A risk assessment and procedures can only be perceived as adequate if they identify all areas of the company’s business model and cover the identified risks,” the regulator said.

“Additionally, it is a requirement that the assessment is supported by relevant data, and that the supranational as well as the national risk assessment are consulted.”

Winteq holds an online casino licence in Denmark, permitting it to offer games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, punto banco, online bingo, poker and slots. It also covers games with elements of skill and chance including backgammon, whist and guessing competitions.

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