Denmark investigates Nordea Bank over money laundering allegation
19 Oct 2018

Denmark’s state prosecutor has launched a probe into a complaint that Nordea Bank facilitated money laundering.

The Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime declined to name the firm that made the allegations, but said in a tweet: “We can confirm that we have received a report regarding Nordea, which we are already handling a case against. We will of course look closely at the submitted material and we will coordinate with relevant authorities.”

The complaint is understood to have been brought forward by British firm Hermitage Capital Management, whose founder Bill Browder alleges millions of dollars fraudulently stolen from his firm were laundered through a number of European and offshore banks.

In an emailed statement to KYC360, Nordea said: “We are aware of this document, and at Nordea we work closely with the relevant authorities in the countries in which we operate, including the Nordic Financial Intelligence Units. But our general principle is that we don’t go into detail when it comes to these dialogues.”

News of the complaint to the Danish authorities comes days after Sweden’s Economic Crime Authority said it too had received documents from Hermitage allgeing that Nordea had breached money laundering laws.

At the time of the fraud, Browder’s firm was operating in Russia.

It has been recently revealed that a significant amount of money thought to have been laundered through Danske Bank originated from Russia. Danske said in an internal report that its Estonian unit handled around 200 billion euros ($234 billion) of suspicious funds over a number of years.

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