Deutsche Bank investor to file AGM motion to oust chairman
12 Apr 2019

Deutsche Bank investor Riebeck-Brauerei plans to file a motion seeking a vote to oust the bank’s chairman Paul Achleitner at this year’s annual general meeting, a lawyer for the shareholder said on Thursday.

Jan Bayer, Riebeck-Brauerei’s lawyer, said the justification to oust Achleitner was for his “dismal performance” and for pursuing a “value-destructive” merger with Commerzbank.

Bayer said that he planned to file the motion for his client in the next week. Riebeck-Brauerei is an investment company which has a small shareholding in Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank, which is due to hold its annual general meeting on May 23, declined to comment.

By Tom Sims, Reuters, 11 April 2019

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