Didier Reynders, Belgium’s Commission pick, under police investigation
16 Sep 2019

Belgian police are investigating allegations of corruption and money-laundering against Didier Reynders, the country’s foreign minister and the nominee to be the EU’s next justice commissioner.

Reynders has denied the accusations which, according to De Tijd newspaper, relate to the construction of the Belgian embassy building in Kinshasa, the lease of a federal police HQ and other matters.

The preliminary probe, conducted by police and overseen by a prosecutor, adds to the investigations hanging over several nominees for the next European Commission, which was unveiled by President-elect Ursula von der Leyen on Tuesday.

According to the accusations against Reynders, money was received or laundered via the purchase of antiques and real estate, some in transactions involving tax havens.

Reynders, a Francophone liberal who also serves as deputy prime minister and defense minister and had a long stint as finance minister, told journalists: “I am absolutely unaware of an investigation.”

Reynders said he had asked his lawyer to make contact with prosecutors to defend his rights and to deny the allegations against him.

The investigation was triggered by a statement from a former Belgian intelligence officer in the service’s economic section, De Tijd reported.

By Arthur Neslen, Politico, 14 September 2019

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One Response to “Didier Reynders, Belgium’s Commission pick, under police investigation”
Shawn Reid

Shawn Reid September 17, 2019

told journalists: “I am absolutely unaware of an investigation.”
How does a foreign minister not know something like that?

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