EU should sanction Iran over missile tests, U.S. says
05 Dec 2018

The United States is pressing the European Union to consider economic sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missiles, a senior U.S. official said on Tuesday, warning of a wider regional conflict if Tehran’s ambitions remain unchecked.

Iran’s test of a ballistic missile this month alarmed the West and France called it a destabilising act, but the EU is focused on protecting the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran that U.S. President Donald Trump pulled out of in May.

“We would like to see the European Union pass sanctions that would designate the people and the organisations that are facilitating Iran’s missile testing and missile proliferation,” Brian Hook, Washington’s special representative for Iran, told Reuters after meetings with European powers in Brussels.

– By Robin Emmott, John Irish, Reuters, 4 December 2018.

Link to Reuters.

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