FIFA restoring ‘corruption’ to ethics code after criticism
27 May 2019

AP — FIFA is restoring the offense of “corruption” to its code of ethics, almost one year after facing criticism over the symbolic removal of the term.

The Associated Press has seen a proposal that will be presented to the FIFA Council meeting next month showing section 27 will become “Bribery and corruption”, rather than the heading just being “Bribery.”

The eye-catching adjustment to the code last June that removed “corruption” from the English version turned into an uneasy episode for a governing body trying to clean up its image after a wave of corruption cases against soccer officials in recent years, including criminal prosecutions and jail sentences.

FIFA said “corruption” was removed for “reasons of language clarity” but president Gianni Infantino later blamed a “misunderstanding” for the revision which didn’t change the nature of offenses that can be prosecuted.

The about-turn on the need for “corruption” to be in the code is due to be completed when FIFA Council members approve amendments at a meeting in Paris in two weeks’ time.

By Rob Harris, AP, 24 May 2019

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Photo: Bic (Wikimedia Commons) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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