“Flowery” money laundering: Latvian police confiscate property worth EUR 4.5 million
13 Jan 2021

Latvia’s State Police have arrested property and finances worth EUR 4.5 million in a criminal process regarding money laundering disguised as flower business, Latvian State Police report.

In 2019 State Police Economic Crimes Enforcement Unit’s officials uncovered an organized group the members of which had been engaged in large-scale money laundering operations for several years. Criminal operations were disguised under a Riga-based legal business – a flower store. As part of the investigation performed together with the State Revenue Service police performed searches and detained multiple people, police report.

Investigation was finished in this criminal process around December 2020. The case was handed over to the office of the prosecutor to commence criminal prosecution of three persons.

Officers of State Police Economic Crimes Enforcement Unit, in cooperation with State Revenue Service, performed a number of measures. As a result, it was possible to dismantle an organized group for attempt at laundering illegally obtained funds (EUR 122 050).

In March 2019 a total of 27 searches were performed as part of the investigation. Six people were detained as part of those searches. Three were declared suspects and two were put under arrest, as State Police report.

During the investigation it was found out that members of the organized crime group were engaged in money laundering operations within the Republic of Latvia and using companies registered in foreign countries.

Money laundering was disguised as a legal business – flower sales.

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