Fraudsters helped 900 migrants stay in UK in Britain’s biggest fake visa scam
13 Sep 2019

A gang of fraudsters who set up bogus companies to help 900 illegal migrants stay in the country in Britain’s biggest ever fake visa scam have been spared jail.

The group laundered millions of pounds through 53 businesses, including ‘Immigration4u’ and ‘Mo’s Spice Inn’, and made temporary transfers into clients’ bank accounts.

They also created fake payslips and provided false information on around 900 applications for general and entrepreneur visas between 2008 and 2013.

Their aim was to make the migrants look as if they were well-paid employees, as applicants for entrepreneur visas must show they have access to at least £50,000.

One of the gang’s customers was working at a fast food restaurant, but his accounts showed he had a £50,000 salary.

The scam, which could have cost the taxpayer £16.6m if undiscovered, was described as “immigration fraud of industrial scale” and a “highly organised, sophisticated attack on the UK’s immigration system”.

Taxi driver Mohammed Jillur Rahman Khan, 43, Shaheda Roxsanna, 47, and married couple Mazharul Haque, 46, and Maksuda Begum, 45, were all convicted of conspiracy to defraud the Secretary of State and conspiracy to cheat the public revenue.

But they walked free from Southwark Crown Court today after a judge decided to suspended their prison sentences.

Judge Martin Griffith said: “This case was part two of an immigration fraud of industrial scale.

By Phoebe Southworth, The Telegraph, 12 September 2019

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