Gold buttons, suspicious cash led investigators to Miami’s famed Seybold jewelry market
08 Aug 2019

Miami’s Seybold building is a famous jewelry marketplace that attracts customers from across the globe.

But investigators say it was also home to a crew of money launderers who are illegally smuggling in gold from Argentina — sometimes disguised as buttons on jackets.

Three people were arrested this week, two of them at the Seybold building, as part of a long-term money-laundering investigation run by state and federal investigators.

Eduardo Farach, 48, and Luis Morel, 52, were jailed and charged with a slew of money-laundering related crimes. Farach’s girlfriend, Tina Longas, was also arrested and charged with a misdemeanor.

The two men made their first appearances in Miami-Dade criminal court on Wednesday. It was not clear if either of the men had retained attorneys on Wednesday.

South Florida authorities have increasingly focused on Miami’s gold trade, focusing on how U.S. gold refineries were buying illegally mined gold from Latin America that enriched narcotics traffickers and devastated the rain forest.

The trade was chronicled in the Miami Herald’s Dirty Gold series.

By David Ovalle, Miami Herald, 7 August 2019

Read more at Miami Herald

Photo: Tamanoeconomico [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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