‘Greedy’ lawyers, UK criticised over ‘chaotic’ Russian sanctions, money laundering crackdown
12 Mar 2019

A leading Putin critic has reportedly hit out at the United Kingdom’s attempts to address financial crime and sanctions against the Russian government and oligarchs, saying ‘nothing is happening’ to tackle money laundering.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny slammed existing Western sanctions as “chaotic” and urged authorities to refocus to target powerful oligarchs with close links to President Vladimir Putin, according a recent Financial Times news report.

The UK ‘had no real interest’ in addressing dirty money, he added.

“In Britain nothing is happening because greedy lawyers have been living off [Russian money] for decades,” Navalny reportedly said.

“MPs can’t do anything because Britain is run in such a way that it loves dirty money.”

The Russian government and UK Foreign Office did not respond to requests for comments. The Law Society of England and Wales also did not respond.

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