Honduran civil groups call for president’s resignation over drug trafficking charges
06 Apr 2021

Dozens of Honduran civil society organizations on Monday demanded the “immediate” resignation of President Juan Orlando Hernandez and main government officials for having turned the country into a “narco-state.”

Hernandez’s brother was sentenced to life in prison by a New York judge at the end of March for large-scale drug trafficking. During the trial, US prosecutors said the president had been a “co-conspirator” in Tony Hernandez’s crimes.

The organization leaders said they were “filled with indignation” in a statement released to “unconditionally demand… the immediate departure of Juan Orlando Hernandez from the government (and) the replacement of the high military command” that supports him.

They also called for the resignation of the “attorney general, the president of Congress, the head of the Supreme Court of Justice and the attorney general of the republic,” and called to convene a transitional government to carry out the general elections on November 28.

“We are witnesses to the destruction of the rule of law and the construction of a party dictatorship that has turned into a narco-state,” the civil society groups said in the statement.

Read more at AFP via France 24

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