Hong Kong credit-card fraud syndicate stole details from Singapore victims: police
29 Jul 2020

Five core members of a transnational online credit-card fraud syndicate, believed to be operating from Hong Kong, were arrested this month by the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF).

The syndicate allegedly used credit card details, which were stolen via phishing emails from cardholders in Singapore, to make a series of fraudulent online purchases of electronic products in Hong Kong.

The suspects comprise two foreign men and three Hong Kong women, aged between 26 and 37.

The Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), together with HKPF’s Commercial Crime Bureau and Cyber Security Technology Crime Bureau, had conducted a joint probe into the syndicate.

Their investigations found that at least 21 Singaporeans had received emails purportedly from a technology and media service provider to update their payment details. These victims were then redirected to a URL impersonating the service provider’s website where they were deceived into entering their credit card details and one-time passwords.

The five suspects are believed to be responsible for at least 21 counts of fraudulent purchases of electronic products and other items in Hong Kong amounting to more than HK$270,000 (S$48,000), using these stolen details.

By Fiona Lam, The Business Times, 28 July 2020

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