Italian probe reveals how ‘criminal blockchain’ gives Toronto-area mobsters international authority
26 Jul 2019

When his brother was killed last year in an ambush, Vincenzo Muià became the boss of his Mafia clan in southern Italy. One of his first acts of leadership was to gather his loyal soldiers to plan their defence. His next was avenging his brother.

For that, he came to Canada.

“If I don’t know who killed him, how can I sleep peacefully? How can I sleep?” he lamented, according to a translation of a police wiretap that captured his conversations.

Unwittingly, Muià’s arrival in Toronto this spring to consult Mafia leaders living in Ontario came at a terrible time for the grieving boss. At that moment, York Regional Police had an ambitious anti-mob probe underway targeting the very people he had come to consult.

His presence in Canada, police in Italy say, helped investigators not only understand more about the murder of Muià’s brother but also a raft of other crimes, producing 12 arrests in Italy including one of a Canadian man born in Toronto.

It was the international counterpart to the large Toronto-area Mafia busts announced with fanfare last week, and its surprising findings highlight how important mobsters in Canada have become in the global underworld.

By Adrian Humphreys, National Post, 25 July 2019

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