Italy’s labor minister embroiled in family business scandal
04 Dec 2018

AP — The father of Italy’s labor and development minister apologized Monday for hiring workers off the books for his small construction firm but insisted his “errors” shouldn’t reflect badly on his son.

A video posted Monday on the 5-Star Movement’s Facebook page featured Antonio Di Maio, at times choking up, acknowledging he had hired workers without contracts and saying his business couldn’t survive any other way.

Di Maio’s son, Italian Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio, leads the 5-Stars, an anti-establishment party that prides itself on the honesty and transparency of its public servants.

The labor and tax scandal involving the elder Di Maio is problematic for his son since the campaign that brought the 5-Stars to power in June emphasized his family’s honest background and Luigi Di Maio’s support for the ordinary workers and small entrepreneurs who make up the backbone of Italy’s struggling economy.

Link to AP.

Photo: Pedro Szekely

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