Jersey seizes £59m of criminal assets in a decade
21 Nov 2017


Assets totalling nearly £59m have been confiscated from criminals connected to Jersey over a 10-year period, figures obtained by the BBC show.

A transparency campaigner said the return was “relatively modest” for an island “vulnerable” to money laundering.

Island authorities believe the amount demonstrates financial crime is being fought effectively.

It is estimated at least £100bn is laundered through the UK every year.

The information, obtained via a Freedom of Information request, shows in the 10 years to 2016, £58.8m of criminal money connected to Jersey was confiscated by authorities.

It was seized by island and international law enforcement agencies, with a proportion being re-invested to tackle crime on the island.

John Christensen, a former Jersey government advisor turned campaigner, says law enforcement agencies struggle to deal with complex money laundering operations using multiple “secrecy jurisdictions”.

Earlier this month the Paradise Papers revealed Apple used Jersey to legally reduce its tax bill.

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