Keith Schembri and associates awarded bail
05 Apr 2021

Keith Schembri and his associates have been granted bail by the court but will only be released from prison tomorrow.

The former OPM chief of staff will be released from Corradino Correctional Facility on Tuesday against a €60,000 deposit and a €90,000 personal guarantee.

Bail was offered to Malcolm Scerri against the same payments, while Robert Zammit will have to pay a €40,000 deposit and a personal guarantee of €150,000.

With today being a bank holiday, the accused could not make the financial arrangements to secure the bail deposit and guarantees imposed by the court.

The conditions of bail forbid the accused from leaving Malta, approaching witnesses, or approaching a 100 metre distance from the airport or shores.

By Nicole Meilak, MaltaToday, 5 April 2021

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