Latvia and Estonia to introduce individual sanctions against Belarusian officials
26 Aug 2020

In a statement today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia once again expressed their deepest concerns about the presidential election in Belarus, the result of which has not been recognized by the Belarusian society, and are urging for a peaceful and lawful resolution of the current crisis in Belarus, LETA was informed by the Foreign Ministry.

The ministries welcome the results of the European Council convened on Wednesday, August 19 and have decided to move forward in a joint action of introducing targeted individual sanctions against Belarusian officials responsible for falsifying the presidential elections in Belarus and exerting excessive force against peaceful protesters in the streets of Belarusian cities.

Latvia and Estonia have prepared lists of Belarusian officials. The sanctions will envisage a visa ban. Bilateral action of introducing sanctions on a national level will take place ahead of upcoming European Union sanctions in accordance with national procedures.

Read more at The Baltic Times

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