List of UK’s ‘highest taxpayers’ published, sportswear family billed £182 million
28 Jan 2019

A new list ranking tax contributions in the UK has named owners of a sportswear enterprise, gambling business and clothing retailers among the country’s estimated top ten taxpayers.

Top of the list is JD Sports majority shareholder Stephen Rubin, followed by Bet365 boss Denise Coates and then Sir James Dyson, known for his vacuum cleaning appliance firm, according to the new Sunday Times list, quoted on the BBC.

Rubin and his family will pay an estimated £181.6m in tax for the 2017/18 financial year, while Coates and her brother John and father Peter, will together pay £156 million.

Sir James and his family are third on the list with a £127.8 million payment.

“An individual’s tax affairs are private in the UK. The Sunday Times Tax List is based on publicly available documents, so it isn’t the full picture. The newspaper says its estimate of tax bills is likely to be conservative,” the BBC said, “remember, it is income that’s taxed, not wealth. Perhaps that’s why only 28 out of the 145 billionaires on the same newspaper’s Rich List appear on the, admittedly much shorter, Tax List.”

Also appearing in the top ten are the Weston family (£76m), owners of Selfridges and Primark, as well as esure founder Sir Peter Wood (£53.7m).

The tax affairs of the wealthy in the UK is an issue of strong interest, including in financial crime circles where scandals such as the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers highlighted issues of tax evasion.

UK tax collector HMRC says it has collected over £100 million in tax settlements related to the Panama Papers.

Here’s the list of the top ten published on the BBC

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