Lithuanian parliament passes bill similar to Magnitsky Act
20 Nov 2017

By Rapsi News

Lithuanian Seimas has passed a bill on sanctions against persons, who are believed to be involved in the death of Hermitage Capital auditor Sergey Magnitsky on November 16, 2009, the resolution of the country’s parliament reads.

Lithuania is a fifth country to adopt an act related to Magnitsky’s case. Previously, similar documents were passed by the United States, Estonia, Canada and Great Britain.

According to the bill, foreigners, who are involved in major violations of human rights, corruption and embezzlement, are prohibited from entering Lithuania.

These persons are also prohibited from acquiring and holding assets on the country’s territory, and all existing assets are to be frozen.

The bill is to be implemented by ministers of internal and foreign affairs.

Authors of the bill have called for national parliaments of EU and NATO to pass similar legislation.

PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons

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