Malawi Parliament rejects Financial Crimes Bill: Goodall wants committee meet weekend for fast-track scrutiny
16 Dec 2016

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe has said government will facilitate that parliamentary committees of Legal Affairs and Budget should meet weekend to scrutinise the Financial Crimes Bill so that it should be fast track scrutiny so that it can be brought back to House for approval.

Gondwe tabled the Bill in the House but Members of Parliament (MPs) rejected it, describing it as too technical and requiring further scrutiny.

However, the MPs including the opposition blocs agree that the legislation would help deal with money laundering and terrorism issues in Malawi, but asked for the committees with relevant technicality to critique the Bill.

Gondwe conceded that the Bill is “ technical” in nature and the length of text needed to be committed for further scrutiny by the Committees of Parliament, including the Committees of Legal Affairs and Budget.

“I hope that these Committees can meet as quickly as possible.  And having had consultations with the Chairpersons of those Committees, there is a possibility that the Committee could in fact, meet during the weekend and we will certainly make arrangement that, that be done, if that is their position,” Gondwe told Parliament.

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