How Manafort lost $600,000 in ‘money laundering’ shell company
01 Nov 2017

One of the shell companies that Paul Manafort allegedly used to launder money was the subject of an arbitration claim the former Trump campaign manager brought, according to a document obtained by MarketWatch.

In 2012, Manafort filed an arbitration claim against Ameriprise Financial Services — which he lost — over a margin call on a leveraged mortgage investment.

The investment vehicle in dispute was called Lilred, LLC.

The indictment of Manafort, and his partner Richard Gates III, lists 32 entities government lawyers say were used in a conspiracy to allegedly launder money — 12 Cypriot entities, 3 other foreign entities and 17 domestic entities, including Lilred, LLC, an entity incorporated in Florida and owned by Manafort.

– By Francine McKenna, MarketWatch

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