Metro Bank hit with fresh lawsuit by Iranian customers
18 Mar 2020

Embattled lender Metro Bank has been hit with a fresh lawsuit by a group of Iranian customers who say their accounts were unfairly suspended without notice or explanation.

The group of 17 claimants, who are expected to seek at least £1.5m in damages, include dual British-Iranian citizens, Iranian citizens living in the UK and several UK-based businesses including an engineering firm and a consultancy.

Law firm Ronald Fletcher Baker said its clients were blocked from accessing their accounts and cash between May and September 2019 without notice and without explanation. It first contacted Metro about the issue in July and served the bank with legal papers last week.

Rokhsareh Vahid, a sanctions and banking specialist at the law firm, said: “Our clients are all UK residents and they have made it clear to Metro Bank that they did not use their accounts in an unlawful or illegitimate manner.

“Metro Bank has not alleged that any of the claimants were involved in any illegal or illegitimate activities and it has released the restrictions on some accounts during this process, which effectively confirms that our clients were not involved in any wrongdoing,” she added.

By Kalyeena Makortoff, The Guardian, 17 March 2020

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