Money launderer who claimed he had won lottery 123 times forced to pay back £470,000
04 Sep 2019

A money launderer who claimed he had won the lottery 123 times has been forced to pay back almost half a million pounds after the National Crime Agency (NCA) hired an expert statistician to help prove he was lying.

Kashaf Ali Khan, 45, of Prospect Lane, Solihull, bought a house in the town with money he claimed he had won in the Pakistan lottery.

The convicted criminal said he bought the £412,000 house with cash he earned from winning tickets.

But the NCA employed a statistician to prove he was lying, and the expert said his “haul” was as likely as winning the UK National Lottery jackpot 40 weeks running.

As a result, the agency has now seized £472,740 from Khan under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA).

Khan, who later admitted money laundering by using criminal money to buy the house, has now had to sell the property to pay off the confiscation order.

The 45-year-old made the purchase in his elderly father’s name, but it was actually Kashaf Ali Khan who was the real purchaser of the property.

NCA investigating officer Phil Houghton said: “Kashaf Ali Khan wrongfully thought he could get away with funding his lifestyle by criminal means.

“Offenders like Khan play an enabling role for other criminals to move and clean the proceeds of crime. They will be relentlessly pursued by the NCA.

“The issue poses a priority threat for the NCA and we do everything possible to combat it.

“This order is a warning to those who believe they can benefit financially from a criminal lifestyle – crime doesn’t pay.”

By Gareth Davies, The Telegraph, 3 September 2019

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