Money laundering officer talks of huge emotional strain caused by 16-month long criminal investigation
29 Apr 2019

Criminal proceedings against a money laundering reporting officer were withdrawn in the Royal Court after a 16-month long investigation.

Michael Still, who works for Investec Bank, had denied a charge of money laundering and an alternative of failing to make a required disclosure as soon as possible while the nominated officer for disclosure at Investec. The amount involved was £223,728.51.

The case had been due for a trial starting today.

Mr Still said after this morning’s proceedings that the 16-month investigation and build-up to the trial had naturally led to a huge amount of psychological and emotional strain for him, his family, and colleagues, the likes of which they never experienced before.

By Nigel Baudains, Guernsey Press, 23 April 2019

Read more at the Guernsey Press.

Photo: Alistair Young [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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