Money laundering: UK Lawyer helped fraudsters, gangsters in 80 property deals
25 Jan 2019

A solicitor who provided conveyancing services for a gang of drug dealers and fraudsters and helped launder their dirty cash has been jailed for seven years.

Police discovered the Handforth-based professional’s activities while investigating the operation of an organised crime gang that had been laundering the proceeds of their criminal enterprises, which included including drug-dealing, tax evasion and mortgage and property fraud.

“Deposits were put down on houses where the true illegal source of the funds was disguised from the lenders, mortgage applications used nominees instead of the names of the legitimate purchasers, and claims about income were wildly exaggerated in order to secure the loans,” said Greater Manchester Police.

In total, the solicitor was responsible for the conveyancing in over 80 property transactions for several criminals, all of whom were subsequently convicted of serious criminal offences including money laundering and fraud.

“[He] was their go to solicitor as they knew that he would carry out the property transactions without asking too many questions about the nature of their business, the sources of the deposits or the connections between the parties to the transactions.”

The solicitor was jailed on 4 January 2019 for seven years after being found guilty of three offences of money laundering.

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