NCA freezes £100m suspected to be from corruption overseas
15 Aug 2019

More than £100m suspected to have been imported to the UK from bribery and corruption overseas has been frozen following a court order obtained by the National Crime Agency.

Westminster magistrates’ court granted account freezing orders covering eight bank accounts holding in excess of £100m which is “suspected to have derived from bribery and corruption overseas”.

The NCA said the money is linked to an individual, who has already had £20m of his funds frozen following an earlier hearing in December.

The latest freezing order, granted by the court on Monday but only made public on Wednesday, is the largest granted since the Criminal Finances Act was introduced in 2017 to give police greater powers to crack down on people attempting to launder money through the UK.

By Rupert Neate, The Guardian, 14 August 2019

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