New UK anti-corruption unit sees over £680 million worth of assets restrained
27 Jul 2018

The value of assets restrained in the United Kingdom and overseas as a result of activity by Britain’s recently formed International Corruption Unit (ICU) exceeded £683 million at year end, according to the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) annual report.

The cumulative amount of assets confiscated exceeds £55 million, the NCA added.

The unit, which was created in May 2015 as part of the UK Anti-Corruption Plan, investigates international bribery and corruption and related money laundering offences.

It combines the remits of a number of agencies, such as the Met Police and NCA.

“Considerable progress has been made on increasing the number of anti-bribery and money laundering cases under investigation, diversifying the countries to which the ICU cases relate, and building strong relationships with overseas law enforcement authorities,” the NCA said in its newly published Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18.

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