Nigerian politician fights UK money laundering conviction over stolen millions
18 Oct 2018

James Ibori, the former governor of Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta State, has challenged a British court ruling which convicted him of laundering stolen public funds.

Ibori is alleged to have used the money to acquire various assets. He reportedly owned houses in the US and UK, luxury brand cars and was in the process of purchasing a $20 million jet when he was arrested.

In 2012, he admitted to fraud and money laundering amounting to at least £50 million.

After serving a jail term in England, he returned to Nigeria but has recently sought to overturn the conviction.

On Wednesday, however, an English Court threw out his appeal.

According to Reuters: “Despite his guilty pleas, Ibori appealed against his conviction alleging that one of the British police officers who investigated him had taken bribes from a private detective in return for inside tips about the probe. The officer denies this. Ibori also alleged that British prosecutors had covered up the corruption, tainting the judicial process. These allegations had threatened to turn the case into a major embarrassment for Britain.”

“But three senior appeal judges said the bribery was not proven, and if it had happened, Ibori himself had instigated it as the private detective was working for him.”

Image: This is a file photo and is not linked to the properties mentioned in the article.

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