North Korean firm reinvents itself to beat sanctions
01 Dec 2017

By Agence France-Presse

01 December 2017

The Shinhung Trading Company has exported seafood, sold millions of dollars of iron ore to China’s national railway and bypassed sanctions to import luxury goods from Japan.

But as a series of United Nations sanctions have taken those big ticket items off the plate, the firm has resorted to selling “North Korean specialities”.

At an alcohol and confectionery expo held recently in bustling Jinan in northern China, two North Korean women in purple gowns, with images of the North’s departed dear leaders pinned to their lapels, manned Shinhung’s booth.

They sold North Korean herbal remedies, cigarettes and a special type of ginseng “efficacious for prevention and curing all sorts of cancers”, its label said.

“We also sell tiger bone liquor,” said one of Shinhung’s representatives, declining to give her name.

“It is made from tiger bone, one of our most important animal products.”

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