Oil tankers leave Venezuela for Cuba despite sanctions: document, data
12 Apr 2019

Venezuela’s state-run PDVSA has shipped 1 million barrels of oil to Cuba days after the United States imposed fresh sanctions on vessels and firms involved in exports to the island in an effort to halt oil trade between the political allies, according to a PDVSA document and tanker tracking data.

Tanker Trident Hope left Venezuela’s Jose port on Wednesday, and the S-Trotter tanker left on Thursday, both bound for Cuba’s state-run company Cubametales. The first one is carrying 600,000 barrels of Venezuela’s Zuata 300 crude and the second one is set to deliver 400,000 barrels of Merey crude.

Neither the Trident Hope nor the S-Trotter were among the vessels sanctioned by the United States last week. Three other vessels destined for Cuba were waiting to load with crude or refined products off Venezuela, the data showed.

One of them, the Despina Andrianna, carrying 500,000 barrels of crude for Cuba’s state oil company Cupet, was among the vessels sanctioned.

By Marianna Parraga, Reuters, 11 April 2019

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Photo: Wilfredo Rodríguez [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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