Pakistan: Imran Khan ‘free’ of Panama Papers-likened suspicion
18 Dec 2017


Justice Faisal Arab, who was a member of the three-judge Supreme Court bench that exonerated the PTI chairman on Friday, observed in his additional note that Imran Khan did not incorporate offshore company Niazi Services Limited (NSL) to park assets acquired through embezzlement, bribery or tax evasion to keep them hidden from the public eye.

Comparing the case of Imran Khan with that of the Panama Papers case in which Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as prime minister, Justice Arab observed that Mr Khan’s case was that of acquisition of an asset from legitimate tax-paid income earned abroad and that too at a time when he was a non-resident Pakistani holding no public office.

“Therefore, [Imran] Khan cannot be perceived with the same suspicion,” the note said, adding that usually those who came to power with the intention of indulging in financial corruption would always want offshore companies to remain operational.

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