Police arrest over 200 fake cash ‘customers’ after counterfeit money agent jailed
10 Dec 2018

Law enforcement agencies across Europe have taken action against suspects who bought counterfeit euro banknotes on illegal platforms on the Darknet.

In total, almost 300 house searches were conducted in 13 different countries and 235 suspects were detained. Law enforcement also seized around 1 500 counterfeit euro banknotes.

Drugs, weapons, computers, mobile phones, bitcoin and hardware for mining virtual currencies were also seized.

In addition, German authorities discovered two marijuana growing facilities, and in France an additional illegal euro counterfeit print shop and a cannabis plantation was discovered.

“These joint actions are a direct result of a successful case handled by the Austrian Federal Criminal Police Office in June in 2018 and supported by Europol, when a print shop was dismantled in Leoben, central Austria, and the producer was arrested,” Europol said.

“The suspect was making counterfeit 10, 20 and 50 euro banknotes and sold them on several illegal Darknet marketplaces. Over 10 000 counterfeit banknotes were shipped to buyers all over Europe.”

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