Putin’s Stasi identity card discovered in German archives
12 Dec 2018

The identity card, issued more than three decades ago by East Germany’s Stasi secret police, would be of little interest were it not for the name of the man staring out: Vladimir Putin.

The card was issued in 1986 when Putin was a mid-ranking KGB spy stationed in Dresden in communist East Germany, then under Russian occupation. It has lain in archives since at least 1990, when the two Germanys were reunified.

Found in archives by U.S. historian Douglas Selvage, the card was trumpeted on Tuesday by Bild newspaper as evidence Russia’s now long-serving president was also working for the hated East German security service, wound up in 1990.

– By Thomas Escritt and Andrew Osborn, Reuters, 11 December 2018.

Link to Reuters.

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