Report gives glimpse into murky world of U.S. prostitution in post-Backpage era
12 Apr 2019

In the year since U.S. authorities shut down sex ad website, the online prostitution market has splintered across a dark and volatile internet landscape with dozens of players trying to fill the void, according to an analysis conducted by a counter-human trafficking technology company.

The report, shared with Reuters by Childsafe.AI, also shows that a landmark package of sex trafficking laws passed by U.S. Congress, known collectively as SESTA-FOSTA, has made it difficult for sex classified websites to operate.

Instead, the report prepared for use by law enforcement agencies showed the illicit trade of sex trafficking and prostitution of adults and children has begun to shift toward so-called hobby boards and “sugar daddy” pages.

Rob Spectre, CEO of Childsafe.AI, told Reuters in an interview that even as ad levels have begun to rebound, demand remains lower as sex trafficking has become more difficult and less profitable on the internet.

By Dan Whitcomb, Reuters, 11 April 2019

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