Romanian gang used dozens of fake cards in Dublin newsagents
14 Jan 2021

Two members of a Romanian organised crime gang made dozens of fake credit cards and used them in Dublin shops after a “deep” skim of UK bank customers’ details, a court has been told.

Daniel Almajanu, 35, used a card reader and writer machine to make fake cards which Albert Gimy Linul, 29, then used to buy items including cartons of cigarettes which were sold on.

During an extensive operation in the UK a Romanian criminal gang which was based there used a “deep insert skimmer” to collect details of HSBC bank customers.

Almajanu and Linul were considered to be members of that organised crime group, Dublin circuit criminal court was told.

Linul, of Prussia Street, Dublin, used the cards to buy cigarettes on a number of occasions at several newsagents in the city and these were sold on for profit.

Garda Ciaran Ronan said Linul stole a total of £1,185 from the UK bank.

Linul pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing 60 fraudulent bank cards at various locations in Dublin between February 13 and February 14 last year. He also pleaded guilty to eight counts of using a fake HSBC bank card at a number of Dublin shops, ten counts of theft and two counts of attempted theft from HSBC on dates between November 1, 2019 and February 4, 2020.

Almajanu, of North Circular Road, Dublin, pleaded guilty to two counts of having 53 fake bank cards and one count of making 65 fake bank cards at various locations in Dublin between January 1 and February 13 last year. He also pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a laptop specifically designed to make false cards.

By Isabel Hayes, The Times, 14 January 2021

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