Romanians Are Protesting Government Corruption
23 Sep 2016

More than 2,000 people gathered in front of the Romanian Parliament on Thursday night, in what looks like the beginning of a new series of protests in the Eastern European country. Hundreds of people also gathered in several cities around the country to chant, “We want the rule of law, not political immunity!”

The cause of everyone’s outrage is the parliament’s insistence on protecting the former minister of internal affairs, Gabriel Oprea. Back in March 2016, Romanian prosecutors opened two cases of abuse of power against Oprea: one for illegally using motorcades, and one for purchasing a limousine using government funds. According to the prosecutors, Oprea used his influence to avoid traffic by riding with a motorcade of police cars and motorcycles more than 1,600 times, in less than a year. He allegedly used the motorcade to get faster to both business meetings, as well as dinner dates.

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