Saudi Arabia closes 15-month anti-corruption campaign: SPA
31 Jan 2019

Saudi Arabia has ended a sprawling crackdown on corruption ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that it said had recovered more than $106 billion through settlements with scores of senior princes, ministers and top businessmen.

Under the surprise campaign launched in November 2017, the government summoned 381 people, some as witnesses, and reached settlements with 87 people who confessed to the charges against them, the royal court said in a statement. Reclaimed assets included real estate, companies and cash.

The public prosecutor refused to settle the cases of 56 people due to existing criminal charges against them, and eight people refused to reach a settlement and stand accused of corruption, the statement added.

– By Stephen Kalin, Marwa Rashad and Mohammed El Sherif of Reuters, 30 January 2019.

Link to Reuters.

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