Son of Congo-Brazzaville president accused of siphoning off $50m
08 Aug 2019

The son of Congo-Brazzaville’s president has misappropriated $50m (£41m) of public money by routing it through shell companies and secrecy jurisdictions, according to a new investigation.

Six countries in the EU, the US state of Delaware and the British Virgin Islands all played a key role in Denis Christel Sassou-Nguesso’s scheme, according to Global Witness. The campaign group said the money was siphoned off through an apparent sham contract Congo-Brazzaville had with a Brazilian infrastructure company.

The money-laundering scheme said to have been used by Sassou-Nguesso, an MP as well as the son and namesake of the man who has spent 35 years as president, is similar to the one his sister Claudia allegedly used to steal $20m of state funds, part of which she used to buy a luxury apartment in Trump Tower in New York, allegations she has denied.

By Ruth Maclean, The Guardian, 7 August 2019

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