Tax office to notify everyone named on fraud blacklist in wake of benefits scandal
29 Jan 2021

The tax office is to write to everybody whose names were kept on a secret ‘black list’ of suspected fraudsters, in the wake of the child benefits scandal that brought down the government two weeks ago.

Deputy finance minister Hans Vijlbrief said in a letter to parliament that everyone whose names were included in the Fraud Sign Prevention (FSV) system would be identified and notified.

The system was used to target people suspected of fraud on their income tax return as well as those who were ordered to repay large amounts of child support and other welfare benefits. Anyone owing more than €10,000 was barred from debt relief measures such as repaying in instalments.

‘It was assumed without further investigation that the citizens [in question] were not acting in good faith. That is unacceptable,’ Viljbrief said. He added that a list of dual nationalities was still being used by border patrol, five years after the information was supposed to have been deleted.

The tax office was unable to say exactly how many names were on the list, but at least 130,000 are known to have been affected, RTL reported.


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