To Sue or Not to Sue: A Tough Question for Compliance Officers
21 Apr 2019

Whether it’s linked to a case of whistleblowing, a problematic work culture or discrimination, the decision to sue an employer is never easy. For some compliance officers, however, there may come a point in which legal action is the only recourse available to them to expose wrongdoing, protect their professional reputation or stand up for their rights.

But how do you know when you’ve reached that point, and what should you do next?

Know your rights

“It is not uncommon for financial services professionals to be victims of unlawful discrimination by their employer or colleagues—for example, sex, race or age discrimination. A typical scenario is when a woman returns after maternity and finds their clients and job scope severely reduced,” says Ged Nichols, general secretary of Accord, an independent UK-based specialist trade union for financial services staff.

This is precisely what happened to Jagruti Rajput, a senior compliance officer at Commerzbank in London. In October 2018, Ms. Rajput won her case against the bank for sex and maternity discrimination. The court ruled that the bank had failed to fairly consider her for a promotion, and had used her maternity leave as an opportunity to pass on significant elements of her job to a colleague.

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