Transportation Firm Fined £850,000 for Angola Bribe Scheme: SFO
05 Jun 2019

Transportation and project logistics company F.H. Bertling Ltd will pay a £850,000 fine for its role in a bribery scheme that garnered $20 million in freight-forwarding services contracts, the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) said Monday.

The fine follows seven convictions against the firm and its employees for facilitating the payment of approximately $350,000 in bribes to an official working for Angola state-owned oil company Sonangol, according to the SFO. F.H. Bertling, a former UK-based subsidiary of the Bertling Group, pleaded guilty to bribery charges in September 2017 and is now in liquidation, the office said.

The SFO previously won convictions against F.H. Bertling’s senior executives for a separate bribery scheme that secured the firm a £16-million, freight-forwarding contract from ConocoPhillips involving an oil exploration project in the North Sea.

Through a related arrangement, the company was able to inflate its prices in invoices submitted to ConocoPhillips without drawing scrutiny, the SFO said.

The agency’s investigation, which began in September 2014, has resulted in a total of nine convictions and four acquittals linked to the transportation firm.

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One Response to “Transportation Firm Fined £850,000 for Angola Bribe Scheme: SFO”
tris hicks

tris hicks June 4, 2019

Since the firm is in liquidation, will it pay the fine? Are SFO fines ahead of other creditors in the hierarchy of liabilities?

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