Trial witness describes El Chapo’s lavish lifestyle
28 Nov 2018

AP — Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was so rich, he had a private zoo where big cats roamed. So rich, he bought a $10 million beach house. And so rich, he traveled to Switzerland for an anti-aging treatment.

Guzman’s excesses were detailed at his U.S. trial on Tuesday by former cartel crony-turned-government witness Miguel Angel Martinez, who told jurors that a “cocaine boom” in the early 1990s fueled the lavish spending spree.

“He had houses at every single beach,” said Martinez, formerly a close friend and top assistant. “He had ranches in every single state.”

Martinez described how the Sinaloa cartel was smuggling tons of cocaine into the United States — through tunnels dug under the border, in tanker trucks with secret compartments, even in fake chili pepper cans.

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